7zip on macOS

It's been a really long time since I've had to extract an archive (or create one for that matter). During a recent project I had to extract a .z7 archive on macOS.

Unfotunately macOS doesn't have suppor for .z7, but fear not there are options.

Here's how

Fist install p7zip, brew is my goto for this (more info over at Homebrew)

$ brew install p7zip 

Then extract with p7zip:

$ 7z x archive.7z

Simple when you know how. And even better p7zip is simply a CLI for 7-zip (ported for POSIX) which means it's, mostly, open source 😃


The Unarchiver is a popular alternative and provides a pretty handy GUI for this sort of thing. There's still a CLI for those of who prefer.

You can find it on the App Store (or here), however it's no longer LGPL since it was acquired by MacPa, but it's still free.

First appeared on Trusty Interior, last update 12 Feb 2023