Things I have built

Between my personal and professional work I have been writing software for over a decade.

Interestingly my first ever website was somewhat lost to the sands of time, namely Geocities went away. However there's a version of the site that was rescued by Lee which you can find over at - I didn't use Hugo to build the original site but that's OG Graphics and copy.

I started this page to test something on (re)Bloggy but I actually like the idea of having a space for all the things that I've built over the years.

Personal Projects

Below is an outline of some of the side projects I have worked on.

Clock | github | blog

The idea here was to replicate a cool clock I saw on instagram. I built it using React and it was my first foray into Hooks.


site | blog-1 | blog-2 | (source tbc)

This blog, internally was known to me as bloggy and powered by jekyll. When I decided to rewrite the static site builder in Rust the re-birth of bloggy began

Word Clock

word-clock.html | github | blog

Another clock! This time the focus was on Web Components with the aim to try out building a small web app without React / heavy JS languages

Blue Lagoon

site | github | blog

I was really interested in understanding more about what might go into building an online game and I also wanted to check out MithrilJS. A fun little project during COVID but one that I've not revisited since.


site | github

Have you heard about the 52 Week saving challenge? Save £1++ per day and watch how much your money grows. I liked this projecct, easy to get started and I learnt a decent bit about MIME types (specifically around getting iOS to handle my handcrafted ical)



A simple little NodeJS app that talks to a configurable number of bluetooth devices and records battery state. Specifically I have automated blinds setup in my house and this little app sits on a Raspberry Pi.

Single ActivityPub User (SAS or sassy)

(source tbc)

I spent a bit of time investigating the ActivityPub spec and started putting together the pieces of a simple server. The initial inplementation explored the various aspects of the API with JSON-LD and handling incoming requests - I built this is pretty bare rust only using tiny-http and threads, ideally this needs a bit more thought before I go any further.


(source tbc)


I use Strava to track all my workouts and I wanted a way to quickly see my weeks efforts. Taking inspiration from a reddit post I bought a small eInk screen and wrote a little app, first in NodeJS and then later Rust, which talks to the Strava API and displays each day and the activity done.